EGT Digital Pyrometer Gauge + Series DP

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Engine Testing
Racing Environments
Plastic Molding and Steel Plants
DP Series
EGT Digital Pyrometer Gauge + Probe Kit - Diesel Commercial Industrial Series DP

The EGT Digital Pyrometer Gauge and Probe Kit can be used is a broad variety of applications in the automotive engine testing and racing environments as well as industrial applications such as small turbines, plastic molding machines, and steel smelting operations. The kit includes the bendable probe and meter assembly.

  • - Type K Thermocouple Probe
  • - Exposed Sensing Junction For Fastest Response
  • - Includes 316 SS Adjustable Compression Fitting
  • - Stainless Steel Protected Wires
Thermocouple Type: K
Temperature Range: -148 to 2372°F (-100 to 1300°C)
Accuracy: +/-0.4% of reading or about +/- 1.1°C (Special Limits of Error)
Probe Diameter: 3/16 inch (0.187 inch) (4.75 mm)
Sensing Junction: Exposed, Ungrounded
Response Time: 250 msec
Outer Sheath Material: Inconel, melting point 2550°F (1400°C)
Cable: Stainless steel overbraiding over PTFE insulated, stranded wires, 20 gage
Compression Fitting: 316 stainless steel, adjustable, 1/8 inch NPT male thread
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