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Alliance Sensors Group, a division of H. G. Schaevitz LLC, offers linear and rotary position sensors for many different industrial measurement applications. We focus on OEMs, industrial automation, power generation, military/ aerospace, test labs, and special manufacturing processes. Our standard product line features LVIT linear position sensors, along with LVDTs, rotary sensors, and sensor support electronics. In addition to our standard products, we can design and build custom position sensors to meet your specifications.

Alliance Sensors Group was founded in 2012 by Harold G. Schaevitz and his father, Howard A. Schaevitz. They continue the Schaevitz family tradition over the last 70 years of developing and marketing innovative position sensors and related electronics to serve the design engineers who create automation and/or testing systems for manufacturing, energy production, industrial and mobile hydraulics, and defense, as well as for R&D and laboratory testing and measurements.

At Alliance Sensors Group, we take performance and reliability seriously. We're a sensor company with proven experience and exceptional value-added services. We have technically trained staff to help you select the right sensors for your application. In fact, at Alliance Sensors Group, our design engineering and applications engineering teams have nearly 150 years of combined experience in the position sensor and measurement instrumentation fields. By applying some of the most practical and economical position sensing technologies available, Alliance Sensors Group offers the position and motion control market genuinely cost-effective, requirements-based position sensing solutions.

Our sensors offer superior mechanical strength and vibration / shock resistance because of our choices of materials and construction techniques. They feature environmental protection levels up to IEC IP-68. You may choose from sensor packages of various sizes and ranges, or special order a unique design for your specific application. Alliance Sensors Group has the broad knowledge base and experience to meet your custom requirements. We can work with your engineers to develop any position sensor that you may need, using our CAD system to fully document every custom product, complemented by ASG’s custom machining capabilities and time-proven manufacturing processes.

Among the technologies Alliance Sensors Group offers are LVIT sensors specially designed for OEM fluid power applications. Utilizing Alliance Sensors Group’s advanced microprocessor-enhanced electronics, these sensors are economical contactless devices that will work with any conductive target and are not susceptible to the influence of external magnetic fields.

When you contact Alliance Sensors Group, just tell us what your position sensing problem is. We can help you resolve your measurement problem by matching the right sensor product to your application. If needed, we will create a solution to your application problem and help you achieve the performance you are looking for.


Howard SchaevitzHoward A. Schaevitz

Chairman of the Board


Howard A. Schaevitz, formerly Chairman of the Board of Schaevitz Engineering, has spent fifty years in the sensor business. Schaevitz Engineering, founded by his father, Herman Schaevitz, was the pioneering company in LVDTs. Under Howard's skillful guidance, the company grew substantially to become a major sensor manufacturer based on multiple technologies. He vigorously sponsored the invention and early development of both LVIT and RVIT technologies, which form the basis for a significant portion of the position sensors that Alliance Sensors Group manufactures and markets today.

Harold SchaevitzHarold Schaevitz


Harold Schaevitz, the third generation in the sensor industry, started his career in 1981 at Schaevitz Engineering as an eastern regional sales manager. He founded Schaevitz Intertech in 1990 for contract manufacturing. In 2006 he founded HGSI The Sensor Connection marketing and distributing EGT sensors and linear positions sensors. In 2009 he founded Sensing Solutions, specializing in marketing American-made linear position, rotary, and tilt sensing products to the Far East.

Edwarad HercegEdward E. Herceg

Chief Technology Officer, Chief Applications Engineer

Ed Herceg is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished electromechanical applications engineers and technical marketers in the sensor industry today. His knowledge and experience cover not only the sensor world, but a broad range of disciplines including electrical, chemical, mechanical, structural, and materials sciences. Early in his career, Mr. Herceg was chief engineer at Schaevitz Engineering, well known as the pioneer in LVDTs, which ultimately became a major multi-technology position sensor manufacturer. While there, he wrote the Schaevitz Handbook of Measurement and Control, the first book written on the subject of LVDT position sensors. Later at Schaevitz, he oversaw the development of the first LVIT/RVIT position sensors and headed the Schaevitz division that first brought LVIT/RVIT position sensing technology to the market.

John MatlackJohn R. Matlack

COO and Executive Sales/Marketing Director

John Matlack began his career in the sensor industry at Lucas Schaevitz in 1990 as an applications engineer. Later, after Measurement Specialties Inc. had purchased Schaevitz, he became business development manager for the position product line and then regional sales manager for a portfolio of numerous sensor technologies. In 2009 John left MSI to work for Metrom Inc. as Manager of Global Business Development, and joined ASG at its founding in 2012.