Linear Position Sensors for Mobile Hydraulics

Mobile Hydraulic Linear Position Feedback Sensors

Rugged and Reliable

Alliance Sensors LVITs use contactless inductive technology that allows them to withstand the vibration and shock levels found in paper mills and power plants, as well as the temperature and humidity found in outdoor applications. From off road construction equipment such as dump trucks and backhoes to fork lifts and rail cars, anywhere a hydraulic cylinder requires position feedback, our extreme duty sensors will do the job.

LV-45 series LVIT (Linear Variable Inductance Transducer) position sensors are specifically targeted for measuring applications requiring rugged devices, measuring position of hydraulic cylinder position in extreme duty applications like steam turbine valves, paper mills, mining, railroad, and ship board environments.

The MR and MHP Series (port-mount) and ME (embedded) series were specifically designed to replace magnetostrictive sensors designed for operation inside of hydraulic cylinders and are essentially drop in replacements. They require no magnet and can withstand much higher levels of shock and vibration.


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