Overview of T-812 Series LVDT Position Sensors

The T-812 series of free core linear position sensors from Harold G. Schaevitz Industries offer reliable long-life operation utilizing LVDT linear variable differential transformer technology.

T-812 series LVDTs are versatile devices that are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial gauging applications, including dimensional gauging of machined parts, gap distance measurement, and manufacturing process control.

T-812 series free core LVDTs consist of a coil body and separate core.  The coil body is generally held stationary in a fixture and the core is mechanically coupled to the object under test using a core extension rod.  As the linear position of the object under test changes, the core travels within the coil body and the LVDT produces a corresponding electrical signal that is proportional to the change in position.

T-812 series LVDTs have a 0.812 inch (21 mm) O.D. stainless steel coil body with12 inch length Integral wires.

T-812 series LVDTs are available in measuring ranges from +/- 0.050 inches (+/- 1.2 mm) up to +/- 10 inches (+/- 254 mm).

The standard T-812 series has an 0.031 inch radial core-to-bore clearance.

As an option, the T-812H series offers a larger 0.062 inch radial core-to-bore clearance.

T-812 series LVDTs are precise and reliable, making them an ideal solution for your critical gauging application.

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