Overview of Heavy Duty Linear Sensor LV-45 Series

The LV-45 series of linear position sensors from Alliance Sensors Group, a division of H. G. Schaevitz LLC, offers reliable long-life operation utilizing LVIT linear variable inductance technology.

LVIT technology consists of a high resolution inductive sensing coil element coupled to built-in smart electronics. A conductive tube referred to as a Spoiler travels over the coil element changing the inductance.  The smart electronics then generate an analog or digital output signal that is proportional to the change in stroke.

LV-45 LVITs are robust devices that can withstand high vibration and shock commonly found in mills and power plants, as well as the temperature and humidity extremes found in outdoor bridge and structural testing applications.

The LV-45 is available in measuring ranges up to 18 inches with choices of analog voltage, current, or digital output signals.  Analog output signals are adjustable using the SenSet field calibration feature.

The housing is constructed of heavy wall 1 and 3/4 inch O.D. stainless steel and rated to IP-67.

LV-45 LVITs include swivel rod ends for ease of mounting, and a choice of M12, Mini-fast, or Integral Cable connectivity.

LV-45 LVITs are extremely rugged making them ideal for demanding applications where many other position sensors cannot survive.

Typical Applications

-  Steam turbine valve positioning

-  Steel or aluminum rolling mills

Paper mill head boxes or calendar roll stands

Bridge and structure stress testing

Key Features

-  Measuring ranges from 4 to 18 inches (100 to 450 mm)

1-3/4 inch (44.5 mm) diameter heavy wall stainless steel body

-  1/2 inch captive connecting rod with male thread or swivel rod end

Double shaft seals on rod keep out contaminants

IP-67 rated connector or cable terminations

SenSet™ field adjustable range scaling

Key Electrical and Functional Specifications

-  Power Input: 12 to 30 Volts DC

-  Analog Outputs: Voltage to 10 VDC or 4-to-20 mA

-  Non-linearity: ≤ ±0.25% of Full Range Output

-  Resolution: 0.025% of Full Range Output

-  Response: 300 Hz nominal update rate

Operating Environment: -20 to 105 C, 95% RH

Alliance Sensors Group’s experienced application engineers are standing by to help you solve your measurement challenges. For more information contact us by clicking here, or calling us at 856-727-0250.

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