Using the RESTORE Function for S2A or SC-200 LVDT Signal Conditioners

An S2A or SC-200 module set for 4-20 mA output displays an output error during setup


1. Before taking any specific remedial action:

            a. Make sure that the analog output is not connected into a loop powered system.

            b. Make sure that there is a loop load resistor connected to the module's output terminals.

2. If the E and S LEDs are blinking and the P LED is not illuminated, perform the RESTORE function by depressing the front panel ZERO pushbutton 3 time in a row for a least 1/2 second duration each time.

3. If the RESTORE function was successful, the E and S LEDs will go off and the P LED may turn on.

4. If the RESTORE function was unsuccessful, repeat the process, carefully observing the duration.

5. When successful, proceed to calibrating the module with the connected LVDT sensor normally.

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