AC-LVDT Position Sensor LAS-19-R Series: Spring Loaded

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Dimensional Gaging and Metrology
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LAS-19-R Series
   Exact replacement GH-750-R on
Spring-Loaded AC-LVDT with Radial Connector
Ideal for Applications with a Tight Fit

The LAS-19-R series AC-LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) linear position sensors by H.G. Schaevitz LLC dba Alliance Sensors Group are spring-loaded, hermetically-sealed, contactless devices with a radial connector, designed for industrial and commercial applications such as factory automation, metal and paper mills, valve position, various robotic assembly systems, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, and outdoor or wet environment applications. This ruggedized linear device has excellent price-to-performance and stroke-to-length ratios, making LAS-19-R AC-LVDT sensors ideal for use in power generation and industrial automation equipment, and many OEM positioning applications.

LAS-19-R series AC-LVDTs are offered in 6 ranges from ±.050 to ±2.0 inches (±1.27 to ±50 mm)  with excellent linearity and infinite resolution. LAS-19-R series AC-LVDTs operate from a nominal 3 Vrms, 2.5 – 3.3 kHz excitation source. They are packaged in a 0.750 inch (19.0 mm) OD hermetically-sealed, stainless steel housing with a ½-20 UNF mounting thread and two hex nuts, a 0.210 inch diameter (5.3 mm) probe with an AGD No 9 contact tip, and a radial PTO2-10-6P (6-pin) radial connector.

When mated with ASG’s industrial AC-LVDT DIN-rail-mountable signal conditioner, an LAS-19-R series AC-LVDT becomes part of a complete measurement solution, especially when space comes at a premium.

Our AC-LVDTs are also offered in larger body and longer range versions, including the LA-9.5, LA-19, LA-20.6, LA-21, LA-25, and LA-27.

For more information, see the technical datasheet below.

  • - Spring-Loaded AC-LVDT
  • - Hermetically-sealed 0.750 Inch OD Stainless Steel Housing
  • - ½-20 UNF Mounting Threads with Locking Nuts
  • - Radial PTO2-10-6P (6-pin) Connector for Through-bore Operation
Available Ranges: ±0.050, 0.125, 0.250, 0.500, 1.0, 2.0 inches
Excitation Frequency: 2.5 to 3.3 kHz
Excitation Voltage: 3.0 V ACrms (nominal)
Linearity Error : ≤±0.25% of FSO (typical 0.15%)
Null Voltage: ≤0.05% of FSO
Operating Temperature: -65 to 220°F (-55 to 125 C )
Temperature Coefficient: <-0.02% FSO/K
Humidity: 95% RH, non-condensing
Shock: 1000 g, 11 msec.
Vibration: 5 - 20 Hz, 0.5 inch p-p; 20 - 2000 Hz, 10g p-p
Configuration Table

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