M-100 Mini Digital Process Meter for Operation with Analog Output Sensors or Thermocouples

MOORESTOWN, N.J. —January 22, 2014   H. G. Schaevitz LLC, Alliance Sensors Group has expanded its line of sensor support electronics with the release of the M-100 Series Single Channel Digital Process Meter. The M-100 Digital Meter is designed for measurement applications that require displaying an analog sensor’s high level output, or the output of most types of thermocouples. It offers a bright, 4-digit LED display with 16-bit resolution in a 1/32 DIN size that is easily mounted. It is very simple to program and can be calibrated to display an analog sensor's DC voltage or current output in engineering units, or temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. The M-100 meter comes with peak-hold functions standard, along with internal relay contacts for setpoint control of an alarm or annunciator. It also features the ability to retransmit a 4-20 mA analog signal to a control system or data logger. Although the M-100 is commonly panel mounted, an important option is the aluminum enclosure that makes the M-100 into a companion digital readout for Alliance Sensors Group's LV, ME, and MR Series linear position sensors.


-  16-30 V DC powered

-  7-mm high, 4-digit LED display in 1/32 DIN size

-  16-bit A/D to microprocessor C

-  Visible high set-point LED alarm / relay output with optional audible alarm

-  Peak-hold capture function for the process value

-  Screw terminal connections

-  Optional protective aluminum enclosure


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