The LVDT Linear Position Sensor Product Lines from Alliance Sensors Group a div of H.G. Schaevitz LLC

MOORESTOWN, N.J. —November 16, 2015   Alliance Sensors Group a div of H.G. Schaevitz LLC  has developed a broad line of LVDTs for power generation and heavy industrial applications. Alliance Sensors Group’s engineers have extensive experience in the LVDT field and have listened to its customers to include features that have often been requested such as an encapsulated core that cannot break loose from its core connecting rod. ASG LVDTs are used for valve position sensing in power plants and for heavy duty operations in steel, aluminum, and paper mills, stamping or die presses, and mining machinery, where a generic LVDT cannot operate or survive.

PG Series


Standard Features on all ASG LVDTs:

-  Stock ranges from 3 to 15 inches (75 to 375 mm) full scale

-  Core enclosed in 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) diameter extension rod with 5/16-24 or M8 male threaded end

-  Environmentally sealed to IEC IP-68

PG Series:

-  Continuous operation to 350 degrees F (175 C)

-  No connector; sensor has screw clamp terminals for AWG 24-14 wires

-  Two double-contact shaft seals keep out contaminants

-  Super duty version available with 2 x wall thickness

LA-25 and LA-27 Series:

-  25 and 27 mm diameter heavy wall aluminum or stainless steel housing

-  Two double-contact shaft seals keep out contaminants

-  Axial cable or connector terminations

-  Continuous operation to 220 degrees F (105 C)

LA-21 Series:

-  20.5 mm diameter housing

-  Axial lead wires of all windings

-  Continuous operation to 350 degrees F (175 C)


-  External auxiliary shaft seals

-  Mild radiation resistant version for nuclear power plants (30 Mrads for 40 years)

-  Mounting hardware including flanges, single-hole mounting kits, hold down clamps, ball joint or swivel rod eye ends, extension rods, and tie bars for dual-mounted LVDTs


When mated with either ASG’s S2A LVDT signal conditioner for power generation applications or SC-200 LVDT signal conditioner for standard industrial applications, ASG can provide you a complete solution.

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Headquartered in Moorestown, NJ USA, Alliance Sensors Group a div of H.G. Schaevitz LLC is a position sensor manufacturing company offering engineering and application support toward solving position measurement challenges within the power generation, fluid power, and manufacturing industries. Combining more than 150 years of sensors know-how, ASG's technical and applications support staff have extensive experience in providing the right sensor for difficult rotary and linear position measurement applications.

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