Drop-in Mounting Kits for LVDT Replacement Make it Unnecessary to Design New Mounting Schemes for Position Sensors on GE Steam Turbines

MOORESTOWN, N.J. —April 20, 2016  Alliance Sensors Group a div of H.G. Schaevitz LLC  is offering a system for drop-in mounting their PGHD series LVDTs for use on GE steam turbines that currently utilize GE’s inductive valve position sensors. These mounting kits utilize the same hole spacing and produce the same center height as the existing GE sensors. They are available for mounting a either a single PGHD LVDT or a dual-redundant stacked pair of PGHD LVDTs. These kits make it unnecessary to design new mounting schemes or to fabricate new hardware when replacing the old GE sensors. The picture below shows how the GEDS kit makes mounting a pair of PGHD LVDTs for dual redundant operation a simple undertaking.

Features of the Alliance sensors PG LVDTs and mounting hardware:

  • 1. Mounting hardware meets the same hole spacing as the GE mounting blocks and produces the same center height
  • 2. Mounting hardware is available in single and dual redundant configurations
  • 3. Dual kit includes tie bar assembly


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