Minimize Ground Loop Issues

How do I minimize ground loop issues for sensors with a common I/O ground?

Concerns about the effects of a common ground on the individual outputs from multiple ASG’s LVIT sensors can be remedied by using a single ground point. This ground point, which should be made at the input ground of electronics used to monitor or measure the sensors’ outputs. This is where the power ground/output ground lead for each of the sensors is connected along with the power supply’s ground. Separate connections are used for each sensor’s power positive and output. By connecting sensors in this manner, variations in the ground currents or output currents of individual sensors are not combined into the outputs of any other sensors in the system. This grounding connection approach obviates the need for isolated outputs and is the universally recommended grounding practice for minimizing ground loop issues. However, if a customer is unable to make the recommended grounding connection, multi-channel isolation modules are available from several sources at relatively low cost per channel.

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