GUI Instructions

Where can I find your LVDT S2A and SC-200 Graphic User Interface (GUI) Instructions?

Here's the Complete Graphic User Interface (GUI) Instructions:

1. Connect a 2-wire RS-485 port converter to the computer on which this GUI is to run and connect the converter's output terminals to the RS-485 bus connections on the LVDT module(s),  Data A (D-) connects to terminal J3-2 and Data B (D+) connects to terminal J3-1, but always follow the data polarity (D) indicated above, regardless of the letters used for the data lines.

2. Invoke the CONTROL PANEL program in the computer.  Open SYSTEM, then click on the HARDWARE tab and choose DEVICE MAMAGER.

3. Go to PORTS and identify the port number(s) associated with the available Com Port(s), i.e., Com1, Com2, etc. Note Com Port number(s) for later use in the GUI setup. Double click on COMMUNICATIONS PORT to see port properties. Click on PORT SETTINGS tab and verify that the port settings are: 9600 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control.

4. Download executable file ASG SC100 GUI MNGR.EXE from ASG website and run it.

5. Open folder created by executable file above and run the program ASG_SC100MNGR.EXE.

6 After this program is loaded, a screen appears with several tabs on top.  Click on the SETUP tab. Enter the Com Port number noted in step 2 above in box at the top of the System Setup screen and click the APPLY button. This action will require restarting the program of step 5.

7. After the program restarts, click on FILE tab and then click on DISCOVER.  This will bring up the main GUI screen.  After discovery finishes, make certain the CURRENT SETTINGS for any particular digital address match how the DIP switches for the module with that address were setup. Enter the Device Name and Description into the appropriate labeling blocks as desired.

7a. If there was any communications problem, click the CHECK CONNECTIVITY button and verify that the version number returned matches that in the CURRENT SETTINGS box. If there is not a match or an error is reported, recheck the com port setup by repeating steps 1 to 3.

8. Click on the CALIBRATE button and follow the prompts in the screen box to calibrate the module to the range of core position or motion for the LVDT connected to that module. 

9. When the calibration is complete, click on the SCALE UNITS button and follow its prompts.

11. To display the module's output in both electrical and measurement units, click on the READ button.  For a continuous display of the readings, click the CONTINUOUS READ checkbox.